PropMan’s Computerized Scanner for Marine Propellers

PropMan’s computerized scanner for marine propellers is designed to inspect the accuracy of marine propellers from 10” to 100” or 250 mm to 2500 mm. Based on the results the propeller technician can repair, modify or  tune the propeller, thus to increase the boat speed, improve boat fuel consumption, reduce engine load or vibration.
System Measurement Features:

  • Pitch
  • Rake
  • Radius
  • Diameter
  • Blades Positions and Blades Distance
  • AND FOR THE FIRST TIME – B.A.R. /Blade Area Ratio/ of the propellers!

System Accuracy:

  • High precision linear digital measurements – deliberately limited to 0,001” or 0,025 mm
  • High precision rotary digital measurements.

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